It is an obvious fact that the techno-sociological transformations we have experienced in the last few centuries have brought impressive gains to humanity. However, we also have to consider some alarming developments that should be taken seriously by all those working in education and striving for the construction of the future.

Really, what is the purpose of education? How far would it take us to see humans as an action-reaction mechanism in the education system designed for human with layers such as soul, body, mind and willpower? What kind of education can nurture all these layers and prompt them to use all the opportunities of the age for the benefit of humanity? How can a person who does not know himself, who is a passive member of the consumption culture without even realizing his basic needs build a future?  How does a person who grows up far from the purpose of existence, without recognizing the essence of himself, determine the most appropriate goals in life? What motivation can protect him against hardships? Should we prepare for the 21st century by becoming more digital or more human? If we do not take measures, is the current trend sustainable?

In 2018, the first Beyond Education Summit was held by NUN Schools to seek answers to the question "What’s beyond education?"  In the organization attended by expert speakers, topics such as digital transformation in education, artificial intelligence and differentiation were discussed.

With the second Beyond Education Summit held in 2019, the concept of “willpower” was examined from different aspects with a perspective of education.

In addition, workshops and panels held as part of the Beyond Education summit continue to contribute to the individual development of NUN Schools teachers. They spend time together and keep learning with monthly held workshops in different fields such as wood, ceramics, painting and music.

Moreover, NUN teachers come together with experts to talk about the problems of our age, especially relevant to the young generations, in the sessions held under the title of “Beyond Education Talks”. The Beyond Education Talks, which is held regularly, also offers different experience areas for NUN teachers.

The Beyond Education summit, which was planned for the third time on March 4, 2023 to talk about the "Journey to the Essence", was postponed to a later date due to the common pain brought by the earthquake disaster we experienced in our country. The new date of the summit will be announced later.