March 14, 2020 - Saturday

Beyond Education Summit

The Journey to the Essence

“Knowledge should mean a full grasp of knowledge: Knowledge means to know yourself, heart and soul. If you have failed to understand yourself, Then all of your reading has missed its call,” says Yunus Emre. It can be said that this poem has never been as meaningful as it is today. Don't you think so?

Opportunities provided by high technology and communication tools now change, transform, disseminate information very quickly. Thus, the access to information becomes easier. This not only facilitates to access to information but also to other societies and people. Hence, humanity who is getting closer to different lives and other worlds more intensely than ever before meets with identity crisis.

In a world where man's relationship with himself, other people, nature and his creator is deeply transformed, it is inevitable to question the aims and means of education. Isn't it time to listen to Yunus and take on to the "Journey to the Essence"?

In the new world order, it has become effortless to communicate and contact. This convenience also led to overlook the "essence" and sometimes to lose it. While focusing on the negative consequences of climate change, we did not question our consumption ethics behind it. While reducing the refugee problem to numbers, we missed many human values such as sharing, contentment, abundance, patience and altruism. How successful have we been in transferring traits such as fidelity, honesty, justice, and fraternity to our youth while striving for them to get great careers?

The Beyond Education Summit, the first of which was held on March 10, 2018, was organized for the second time on March 9, 2019, and took the initial steps towards becoming traditional. With the third summit to be held, educators and everyone who dedicates themselves to education are invited to think about the "Journey to the Essence".

What’s the purpose of education? How far would it take us to see humans as an action-reaction mechanism in education designed for people with layers such as soul, body, mind and will? Should we prepare for the 21st century by becoming more digital or more human? Is the current trend sustainable, if we do not take measures? The Beyond Education summit, which we planned to hold on the "essence" of human beings with the magnifying glass by putting these questions at the center, has been postponed to a later date due to the common pain brought by the earthquake disaster we experienced in our country. The new date of the summit will be announced later.

We put the need for “self-knowledge” at the center of an education that will nourish people with all their aspects. You are invited to question, re-learn and change what you already know all together.


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