Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beyond Education Summit?

Setting out with the question "What is the real purpose of education?", the Beyond Education is a brand that hosts summits and workshops. It invites people to reflect on their relationship with themselves, nature and creator, argues that the aims and means of education should be questioned, pushes people to inquire.

Who organizes Beyond Education Summit?

The Beyond Education Summit is organized by NUN Foundation for Education and Culture.

What is the theme of Beyond Education Summit 2023?

The Beyond Education Summit 2023 will be held under the theme of "Journey to the Essence”.

What does Beyond Education Summit 2023 contain?

A full program awaits our attendees where speeches of experts on different topics, workshops focusing on the essence of education and human beings, and areas of experience will be organized.

When and where will Beyond Education Summit be in 2023?

The date of the Beyond Education summit will be announced later. The summit will be held at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus.

Will the summit be held on-site?

Yes, the summit will be held on-site at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus.

Who can attend the summit?

The summit is open to anyone interested in education. Teachers, school administrators, students and academicians can also attend the summit.

Is registration obligatory for Beyond Education Summit 2023?

Yes, since we have a limited quota, the final registration will be made after the evaluation of the applications. Application dates will be announced on our website and social media accounts.

How do I register to the summit?

Applications for Beyond Education 2023 Summit will begin on … 2023. Attendees will submit their application through the website. 

How do you select the attendees?

We aim to select attendees who are closely interested in education, seek a different perspective, open to development and change, intend to make a difference for the future by putting the concept of human at the center.

Is there a fee to attend the summit?

No, Beyond Education Summit is free.

Will a Certificate of Attendance be given?

Attendees will be given a Certificate of Attendance.

Will there be accommodation?

No, accommodation will not be provided since the summit is a one day program.

Will there be simultaneous translation?

Yes, simultaneous interpretation from English to Turkish and Turkish to English will be provided.

How can I find the schedule of Beyond Education Summit 2023?

The program will be announced on our website.

How can I stay informed about Beyond Education Summit 2023?

You can follow our website and social media accounts.

Where will Beyond Education Summit be held?

The summit will be held at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus. Below is the NUN Schools Beykoz Campus address for those who will come to the summit by their own means.

 Elmalı Mahallesi, Beykoz Elmalı Yolu Sokak No:5/1 Beykoz – İstanbul

Attendees who will use shuttle will be informed.

Where can I get more detailed information?

You can find detailed information about the summit at and by calling (216) 686 1 686.