Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the summit be and how can I get there?

Beyond Education Summit 2020 will take place on 14 March 2020 at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus.

Who can attend?

Our event is open to anyone who is interested in the field of education. Teachers, school principals, students and academics are all welcome to the summit.

How can I register at the Beyond Education Summit?

The deadline for applications for the third summit, scheduled for March 14, 2020, will be announced on our website and social media accounts.

Is registration compulsory?

Due to limited capacity of venues, participation is limited to registration only. If your participation is approved you will be informed via e-mail.

Is the Summit free of charge?

Yes, the Summit is free of charge.

Is there accommodation?

Beyond Education Summit lasts for a day thus no accommodation is available.

Will the food and beverages be charged at the summit?

There will be tea and coffee breaks and a lunch free of charge during the summit.