Beyond Education Summit 2018

Beyond Education Summit organized by NUN Foundation for Education and Culture first convened on March 10, 2018 at Nun Beykoz Campus. The discussions brought to the forefront the critical issues and challenges educators and students face as the educations systems are reformed with the integration of new technologies. Twenty different seminars and workshops were held following the main panel.

More than five hundred guests gathered at Beykoz campus of NUN Schools to discuss key issues in education. The summit started off with Prof. Dr. Kemal Sayar’s speech. “What kind of children we are going to raise is as important as what kind of world we are going to leave for the next generations. The children should be the subject rather than an object in learning processes,” he pointed. The summit continued with a panel addressing the core issues surrounding education in Turkey and the world.

One of the focal issues of the summit was to address the need to identify the age we live in and the children of this age for the right methodology in education. In this context Prof. Dr. Ayşen Gürcan gave her talk on “the New Generation of Education” while another panelist Gökhan Yücel, Head of Digital Research Association addressed the audience on the reflections of technological advancements and artificial intelligence on education.

Prof. Dr. Belma Tuğrul pointed out that if we educate ourselves in “play literacy” the children will take us to their stories through play. Assistant Prof. Tamer Ergin drew a comparison between children and rivers on his speech titled “Differentiation in Education”.

The last speaker of the panel, Alp Köksal, director of Khan Academy Turkish, explained the formula of adapting to change, “No change is possible unless the teacher adapts first”. He added, “If we can manage to raise children as lifelong learners they would not only adapt themselves to change but they would start ruling the changes.”

During the second half of the summit, twenty different workshops took place at different venues. Participants joined workshops such as “Mom I have become a Youtuber!”, “STEM Practices with Mister Gepetto and Pinocchio” and “Teaching Skills in 21st century”.