March 9, 2019 - Saturday

Beyond Education Summit

Beyond Education

Beyond Education Summit, the first session of which was held on 10 March 2018, was held on 9 March 2019 for the second time, taking the first step towards traditionalization. As NUN Education and Culture Foundation, we aim to create a unique ground for discussion in which different perspectives are expressed by taking a different theme as a basis every year to contribute to the educational agenda of our country and the world. We believe in the necessity of considering contemporary developments in intellectual depth based on centuries without ignoring human nature.

With the third summit scheduled for 14 March 2020, NUN Education and Culture Foundation will continue to meet with those who are committed to this the journey beyond education.

Eğitimde Bir Adım Ötesi 2018 Etkinlik Videosu
Eğitimde Bir Adım Ötesi Zirvesi - 2018 Etkinlik Videosu

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Beyond Education 2019 Summit will be held at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus.

Adres: Elmalı Mahallesi, No:5/1, Riva-Beykoz Yolu, 34829 Beykoz/İstanbul

Telefon: (0216) 686 16 86

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